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Football Clubs in N6 such as Football Excel Academy are top of the class in the provision of excellent football coaching to young players.  There are many clubs to choose from so, do choose wisely. N6 has varying degrees of socio economic backgrounds making up it’s population. But it also has lots of talent from those varying backgrounds.



To say that only one type of player from one type of background can make it as a footballer is to be misinformed. It has been said in the past that football is for the working class but in todays age we see players from all backgrounds being given the opportunity to excel at football as football clubs and academies become more available.



Yes it is easy to go to the park and run around with a football but to understand the technique and ball skill, one needs to be taught by someone who has played football at high levels. One needs to be part of a structured training system. Football clubs in N6 are offering just that. At Football Excel Academy, its’ head coach played on the Youth Training Scheme known as YTS. His passion and technical skill is what is passed to the players at Football Excel Academy Football Club in N6.


The simple technique of kicking the ball is something that not everyone getson their own. It needs to be taught and then practice with a watchful eye ensuring the technique is maintained. Another basic skill that needs to be taught is how to pass the ball and an understanding of the game and concentration are other areas Football clubs in N6 thrive on teaching.


There are so many aspects of football, which players need to understand that without good training, and a committed coaching team it will be difficult to develop into a top class player in N6. 



Saying that the player must bring his own passion and commitment to the table as well. If the player is not able to practice, practice, practice all of the training will be of no benefit. It is always ideal that parents are involved in encouraging their children to practice.


That is whether the child is 4 or 16. Making the player feel special and capable are the foundations in building a good football player.



Although some children have natural ability, the football brain and technique can be taught. In all sport fields one can have ability without passion or passion without ability or ability without a club to guide and develop that ability.


If this were the case the good N6 player would not emerge. It is important to have all the dots lined up. It is important to have ability (which one, can be trained to have), passion (which one can develop) and somewhere to develop those two factors. No one can say that nothing good can come out of N6. We love N6 and believe as we continue to develop excellent football coaching in N6 we will see not only good but great football players coming out of our football clubs in N6.

Football Excel Academy


The Football Excel Academy offer a warm welcome to friends old and new, here on our official website. We are all about offering an ideal learning environment to young footballers who wish to hone their skills and make the move towards becoming a professional sportsman.

We are far more than just football talent scots as we believe our services are perfect for helping to recognise and nourish the young footballing talent that is around today. Making that leap from schoolboy and youth team football to the world of paid sports and all of the trappings that are included, is something that needs very careful consideration.

The Football Excel Academy have years of experience in this arena and if your child has the potential to become something very special indeed, you should come and speak to the Football Excel Academy in the first instance. 

We all dream of becoming out heroes and those dreams can become a reality if the talented youngsters in question are allowed to develop in the best possible learning environment. And we believe that there is no better sporting establishment to achieve these very real possibilities than here at the Football Excel Academy!  So please peruse our website and feel free to drop us a line any time you like!


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Thank You guys I am happy with the quality of coaching that my son is receiving keep up the hard work.Mr Martin Smith, Enfield

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